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The Indians win the Around-the-Horn trophy at Cooperstown, NY Dreams Park in 2013

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MYAA 1,000-Game Presentation to Coach Sauders 

Protective Head Gear for Pitchers
In the fall of 2011, the Mountville Indians team was among a handful of U.S teams to test a prototype of a pitching helmet manufactured by Easton-Bell Sports. Earlier, in the spring 2011 season, after an Indians pitcher was hit in the temple by a line drive, (he was hospitalized but fully recovered) Coach Sauders researched protective head gear options to protect future Indian pitchers from similar head injuries. The Easton helmet was the only available option found. Although the helmet was never made available for purchase, the Indian players had the unique opportunity to test the helmet in game situations, providing feedback to the manufacturer. The helmet was retired in 2015 due to wear and tear.

Currently, Indians pitchers use the Ball Cap Liner brand Advanced Baseball and Softball Pitcher and Fielder Impact Protection Headgear on the outside of their caps.


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