Coaching Philosophy

We strive to create an intentional, supportive, respectful,
competitive and fun (Yes, we laugh and have a lot of
environment where the young men on our team can thrive
and grow as both players and people. We always play to win –
that’s our expectation – but that isn’t our only objective. Players
on our team:

Learn baseball skills, techniques, rules, and strategies

Receive honest, constructive and respectful feedback that emphasizes
improving skills, building on strengths, and maximizing the potential of
each player as well as the team

Are encouraged to take responsibility for, learn from, take action to
improve upon, and move past setbacks and mistakes

Learn the value of a strong work ethic and personal commitment

Develop an appreciation for the unique ways in which each player contributes, as well as the ways in which each player needs to support every other player on the team to achieve success

Gain an understanding of why personal sacrifice is sometimes necessary
for the good of the group

Learn to respect and not be critical of self, teammates, coaches, umpires,
spectators, and competitors

Experience regular and structured practices that are both instructional
and fun

Become part of a legacy through experiencing the same team traditions (i.e. hat stars, end-of-season team picnic traditions, Cooperstown Tournament), that past Mountville Indians have had